Why do girls make itik faces ??


Quack Quak! I took this picture just before i went jogging and decided to pull this seriously fucked up face so you guys wouldn’t be focused on the fact that i didn’t have make up on. – Not like you’ve never seen pictures of me with my make up. I just look like i normally do, except slightly more sleepy. LMAO! ♥♥♥

So anyway, the common question asked by many guys and even some ladies…
What’s with all those duck face photos people post on their facebook, twitter, instagram, line, myspace etc!?

That’s funny because Ive been wondering the same thing even though i often do it myself! lol…

I know… duck faces can be so weird, but i think what’s even more weird are people who get so frustrated about it.

So i’ve come up with a list of reasons why i think we make Duck faces in Pictures:

1. We think it makes us look Cute. ( my lil sister said so..)
2. We think it makes our lips look more appealing. ( If you want to have extensive surgery to look like Angelina Jolie, it is your decision..lol )
3. Might make our face look slimmer.
4. Just for a laugh.

Really, there is no valid reason. It’s just a pose and we just like to do something different in our pictures. It’s like asking “Why do girls do the V sign?” IT’S A POSE!

For those people out their who make hate comments calling us DUMB, IMMATURE or STUPID BITCHES, well that bitch just graffiti’d all over your brain! Looks who’s dumb now for not being able to get us out of your head. MUAHAHAHA~

So guys, stop hating. If you can hate someone for doing something different in a picture. Don’t ever let me catch you doing it! Don’t even Turn your head slightly to the side because people would think your trying to make your face look more angled and slim. Don’t even have the camera tilted down on you because that’s the way to make your eyes look bigger and your chin look more pointed. – I expect all your profile photos to look something like a passport picture. No complaints there! LOL.


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