Reckless better run I’m mentioned. …


On the news today, they said that.Something was wrong. I’ve been working
All day, I can’t wait to get home. We can reading party all night, it’s back to work .
In the morning, it’s on and it’s on. .

Exit when I come through the entrance, Reckless better run I’m mentioned.
And when I enter smooth as a ninja, Spit it out cool as the cold in the winter.
I remember we used to be pretenders a couple Of friends didn’t make it in this adventure.
Just know one day I will avenge ya’ a couple Of shots at the bar won’t really kill ya’.

Bartender the one with the windsor pop the Coke, cause I’m feeling like a winner.
I know we lose sometimes or get injured and Models throwing up at night to get thinner.
But the world keeps spinning like a Windmill, whatever happens keep it
Colder than a wind-chill. Until then just Know we gone win still, you just another Dead bug on my windshield, Splat !

Where can I go where no one knows me ..
Where can I go not ordinary ..
Where can go to clear my mind ..
Where can I go to a place all mine. ..

And we can get it in in ..
Tell me where can I find..
I wanna go to a place that’s mine all mine..
Where can I go (go,go,go) to a place, place that’s mine

It’s so chaotic, psychotic that’s what the problem is. I do acknowledge ..
But things ain’t looking too positive. It’s so obnoxious I promise it’s just ,
A pile of shit. But we can hustle and enjoy our life until the cows come in…



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