Weird Affection…


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I have had an obsession with a guy for 2 years. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of him.hehe, sick…

It’s weird, but I never actively voiced this to him. I am not good when it comes to communicating my feelings of love to someone. That’s because I’m always afraid that these feelings won’t be reciprocated, and that I”ll be just a fool for professing my love. I hate the fact that even to this day, I can’t put myself “out there” to him. We have dated a little here and there before.hikk. I think the timing has always been bad, and we never went head on with a long term, serious relationship. There were even points when he told me how much he thought about me, but I never reciprocated it back by telling him how much I thought about him.

It’s like I’m embarrassed and ashamed to be obsessed and in love with someone or something. And I hate this about myself. Anyone else have problems communicating their affection towards someone??

P/S ;- I don’t have a type when it comes to men. In fact, my choices are completely random. Some say I don’t know what I want. I say I like to keep things interesting..


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