My mom’s is my bestfriends…

if ur reading this
i want to say that you mean the world to me.
i know how lucky i am to be your daughter.
i cringe at the thought of what if i was born into another family..
and what if by a cruel twist of fate i would never have met you.
you are my inspiration n the person i aspire to be as i grow older.
mommy i am so sorry
for all the terrible i have done against God and you and family u still took me back into your arms n forgave me and let me start anew with a clean slate.
i’m sorry for all the heartache n tears. no mother should ever endure such pain caused by her children.
your recent call and act of kindness made me cry because i never expected you to find out my problems and never expected you to act one step ahead of me. I am already an adult who is suppose to be taking care of you but instead u still need to babyspoon feed me..

to support me in my rock bottom time was like refreshing rain pouring over the desert in times of drought.



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