Chicken Porridge Survival


So i have been ill for the past few days and went into hospital..
Urgh, i had such a shit time in the hospital i don’t even want to talk about it.
Anyway, i’m slowly recovering and i have been surviving on porridge since the past few days.
Porridge saves lives, i am serious! Whenever your ill and you don’t have the appetite for anything, Porridge is the only thing you wouldn’t mind eating. Which is like a GODLY thing!

For those who have no idea what the hell porridge is and comes across it for the first time would think, “Ewww!!! Porridge!” or “Ewww!! looks like vomit!” =.=;; damn u…….damn nnnnn !!


You can’t get bored of porridge because it’s basically rice and it’s the side dishes/toppings you change.

What’s why i’m still alive after 3 days of porridge! !!!


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