How do you know when it’s time to throw in the towel? aih

Maybe, you’re at the other end of the scale and you don’t feel stressed about quitting your job at all. You’ve reached the point of caring – you can’t take another minute in your current job, it’s all become too much . You couldn’t care that your colleagues are probably going to be swamped with your pile of work, while the company tries to replace you. You really don’t care that you’ll be eating beans and toast for the next few weeks or months until you find another job. And, you certainly don’t care what grief your boss is going to give you during your resignation month as “punishment ” for daring to quit. You’ve had enough, you want out – and you want out now.

Get what i mean?? naaa?? I juz wat to throw in the towel..(such a dork).

Pagi tadik ku masuk kerja..woh, banyak mena fail rah atas meja..Nnng menimbun..
“wokey, ku mok benda tok siap aritok or by tomorrow..” pikey utak ku gya jak ..lalu seawal 7.40 pagi aku dah ready dengan nawaitu untuk mengerjakan semua seberapa banyak fail yang menimbun itu dengan secawan teh tarik..”setakat yang termampu”..fikirku dengan utak yang berselirat benang besi..aih,pakah.

There’s a few reason ku sik sanggop nok stay sampey aher nyawaku d opis ya even the pay is worth e work, if i strong enuff to stay and work here i can easily become a millionair within 3 years.. But then, am i happy if i become on??? Thats the question..

1 )  I’m not sleeping properly

You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because you just remembered something you’d forgotten to do that day. Or worse, you lie awake for hours at night because you’re too stressed to sleep – thinking of all the things you need to get done the next day.

2)  Your work becomes your life

You come in early, you leave late, you don’t take lunch and you work over weekends to “catch up.” Only, you never catch up – the work just increases and you don’t even notice what you’re doing. When did work become more important than your family, your friends – yourself? sigh

3)  You put your job before everything else

The thought of what pressure will be put on your colleagues when you leave, is your deciding point not to resign. You would rather be stressed and stay, than leave and risk them being uncomfortable until your replacement is found.

4)  I’M tired.. sok lah ku cita lain..


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