I’ve read countless romance books and find it very hard to chose between them. But I suppose if I have to chose my favourite romance book would be P.S I love you by Cecelia Ahern. So?? Ko nak boast madah dirik ko rajinlah tek?? aik


Japanese Jambu- Sliced,seeds remove n eaten wit sour plum(asamboi) or Sambal Kicap….slurp

Ferlukah gamba to k topic aku tok?? Aik, Ade aku kesah?..

A whole lotsa readings..+ non related picture.. huhu ;P

When I don’t have my head stuck in my Engineering books these days, I love to spend some time reading. My favourite bookstore is MPH Bookstore @The Spring Shopping Mall and My Bookstore @Jalan Haji Taha. I recently went to MPH Bookstore @The Spring Shopping Mall and picked up a few books I had my eye on… I know I have a Kindle but I seriously prefer to read real solid books. When I’m travelling I don’t mind bring my Kindle along with me but when I’m at home I just grab a book off my shelve. Over the past few weeks, I’ve boughts few new titles so I thought I’d share them with you guys… It’s quite a mixed bag, I don’t tend not to be drawn to a particular author as long as the cover description is good I’m sold. So I had my wallet zero and my Bank Account running out balance.. aihhh, Adakah siapa2 berhati mulia nok merik buku k hadiah hari lahir aku yg jatuh pada #03 haribulan setiap bulan sepanjang tahun. #Ferlukah.


When I was down the country visiting family friends recently, I came back with all these. My friend Aunt’s runs a Book Club in her town which is such a good idea I think… I wish we had a them in my hometown (i mean SPAOH). When I was leaving to head home to Kuching she gave me all these books which I can’t wait to read when I have time soon… I’ve heard such amazing reviews on A Game of Thrones so I’ll probably start off with this, I can’t believe I haven’t read it already to be honest… I only pictured the first book in the series here but she actually gave me discount on  the whole collection, there just wasn’t enough room to get them all in… I know it will take me a while to get through the whole series as each book is ginormous but if I do manage to finish them I will let you know what I think. So, you can wait for a thousand years..

Aihh.. Mungkin kalau sudah kahwin n suami sangat penyayang dan membiarkan aku terngangak rah ruang tamu maca buku dan suami memasak dengan penuh kasih sayang mungkin sebelum 2020 habislah. Ya pun mun aku belaki lam masa terdekat tok..Aihh, Motif?? 




Like alot of people I was pretty excited to see that J.K. Rowling was releasing a new book. I was a huge Harry Potter fan so I’m looking forward to seeing what The Casual Vacancy is like. I’ve heard quite a few mixed reviews so far but they never put me off reading the book in question so I’ll let you know my thoughts on it… The only book I actually finished on my Kindle so far is John Green’s The Fault in our Stars which is such a great read and well written, I’d definitely recommend it…Belilah mun ko da duit lebih,dari ko meli nombo eko..aih..Sekian.. I wanted to pick up another one of his books for a while, the blurb on the back of this book looked the best out of the three in stock… I’m expecting really good things from it. You & I is written by an author that I’m not familiar with,who is he actually. Adakah ko sama hensem ngan Remy Ishak?? aihh,ferlukah?..k.. I read about it in a magazine and decided to pick it up as it sounded like something I’d like. After researching the book I found out that Emma Gillmor Murphy is a student in Dublin so it’s nice to support an Irish author as i consider myself Irish## matilah….Aihh, bukankah ninek ku keturunan Irish kerana dolok masa zaman perang Jepun ada orang Irish sorang sesat..(Aih..coba ko mikey giney orang irish ada time jaman jepon..ko sik maca buku sejarahkah?)..Janganlah cikgu sejarah ku maca blog aku tok.. #Amin.



One of my favourite authors is Cecelia Ahern, I loved P.S I Love You and I must admit I cried a little through the movie aswell… When I saw she was releasing a new book I had to snatch it up. I’ve read all her books so far and I’ve really liked them… If was lucky enough too meet her when I’m gone for an Engineering Conference at Australia this coming December if Boss bait ati berulam jantung mayar Funds Engineer ke sinun.. #Amin.#  Asal jangan jak boss nulak fund ya dari bonus..matilahh#..$$.. 




You have probably heard for at least one Cecelia Ahern book, maybe without even knowing. Some of you have probably read one, or two Ahern’s books.#Macam yakah?#



P/S I LOVE YOU :- The book is different then a movie, the book is more emotional and more realistic. The movie is amazing too but they changed more then few things from the book… I don’t mind the changes because I look at it as two separate things…The same happen to our Malaysians movie “OMBAK RINDU”…that kind of feelings. It seams to me that for the move scriptwriters took only a basic idea from the book and did something which will make us sad but also entertainment us. A lot of my friends dislike one or another. Usually those who read the book first don’t like the movie and vice versa. I love them both and I recommend it to anyone. ..#AILIKE#.



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