Stranger Crush..

I am talking about a complete stranger, not a celebrity. There’s this man who lives on my facebook list and I never noticed him until I started to walk my home/wall and this became a routine. I see him all the time and I’ve already developed a crush on him. I’ve never looked at him face to face or said anything to him, neither did he so I’m not crushing on him because he’s attractive or not. I think it’s because of how confident he is, the way he walks (i imagine so) and his style( as he always post his photo ) I’m not like this, I’m a shy girl and I have a low self esteem or I just don’t think about myself often. I don’t want to look like a stalker because I’m not. My final question is, could you develop a “crush” on a complete stranger you never even met? Do you think it could lead to something? I haven’t been looking at guys in this way since my ex boyfriend left me a years ago.

Edit: I think my crush could be mistake as admiration but these feelings I feel have been around for a while now. Erre



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