I’d like to nominate my Other half (Prince Hamdan) for Best Kept Beard… Auww. melt

“Staying home on a Saturday night with a big bowl of ice-cream and watching indie movies on Ktopia is not exactly….a great dating life” girlfriend pointed out.
“My dates night are from Monday to Thursday night. Friday is to chill at home and resite Yassin or out with cousin to Mosque” I explained.
“And we have to break that cycle. Don’t you want to meet your soulmate? Your dream man? Be loved and pampered by a strong and loving man?” she asked..# Gago nanyak aku,nya kedirik x juak kawen maka umo nya 28.Saya xpa,im still in my sweet 17..auww
I’ve always wondered how and where I would meet my future husband# adakah ketika ku ngerayo d psr minggu meli jambu? . Would it be as basic as meeting him through friends, or a blind date by friends, or maybe a friend back from Primary School days. Read somewhere that most people do marry someone they know from their younger days. Looking at the boys I know from my younger days…maybe not..heh.
Or maybe it can be as romantic as meeting him at a coffee shop, or a bookstore, and maybe even at the gym(x ku brani nangga abg bdn ketol2 ya..so not my). But I never do understand how this work. A guy comes up to me, he gives me his number or he asks for my number(play innocent).. Ok, so in few days, he calls me up and then we plan a dinner outing. Then we go on¬†the first date, and then second or third and then we see from there. Not exactly romantic, but¬†I guess it depends on¬†‘chemistry’. kan?
Realize that in movies, its romantic is because the sexual attraction between the man and woman.¬†They cant keep their eyes and hands off each other. The constant tease and witty conversation. Yeah,¬†doesnt happen in real life. Really.?! Naughty talk and witty¬†talk is not the same thing. I mean, can you really keep a straight face when a guy goes;¬†“I cant wait to stick me duck in you” ?!?!?!what the fish?. ¬†But if he says something else but indirectly stating that he wants to toss toaster you on the bed like a rag doll,¬†then you¬†will have trouble thinking straight.. Geezz.. Do you outta ya mind boys?? I’ll rather married to my mom “prince charming” ¬†rather than meet such a horrible man on my way..
What about meeting someone online?¬†Its not simple like in the movies. Because, when¬†people add me on Facebook, the first thing I’d do is, check out the pictures. Not because I want to see if he’s good looking or not, but sometimes¬†they tend to put up fake pictures.¬†Like this one time; a girlfriend of mine is getting married,¬†so we’re the bridesmaid and the groom will have his groomsmen to pair with us. So what my girlfriend, the bride¬†did was, sent us names of the guys so we can check them out in facebook. One of the bridesmaid sent a picture of the guy she wanted and I commented that he looked a lot like Khairul Fahmi the goalkeeper. An hour later the bride replied;¬†“First, thats not the guy. That is Khairul Fahmi!”. LOL. After checking out the pictures, I’ll read his info. Its a lot like reading someone’s resume. If his bio goes something like this; “I’m a boring person” then there’s noway in hell is he going to be friends with me. Why would I wanna be friends with someone boring? Bio is when you write the things you like, your interest and so on.Am i?
When I do meet people on the internet, I cant help but think, “Naaah. Look at that picture, really? Sunglasses during the night?” or, “Whats with the shirtless pic?”, which leads to; “Where’s the freaking 6 pack?”. But, a guy once added me on facebook with his display picture of him shirtless, holding onto a 6 pack 100+ in front of his stomach. That cracked me up. If I get emails such as; “Hi, can we be friends?” or “Boleh berkenalan”, I would normally ignore. But if I get emails that is interesting, funny, and honest, I will reply. Sadly, I dont get ‘interesting’ emails.. # Cney pegi laki romantic+funny in the movies? Like seriously???
So scratch out ‘online dating’ because, no matter how romantic it is in the movies, its freaky in the real world.¬†I mean, you could be a killer, just waiting for me to give you my address so you can come over and kill me. Have you seen the movie ‘Trust’? Yeah, thats freaky and disturbing..
So, I dont know how I’ll meet my other half. Maybe after hundreds of blind dates or through friends. Oh, let me add this in; I hate it when¬†a friend tells me they want to set me up with someone. Ok, so I meet the guy and then what? How do I tell friend that I’m nto interested, or the guy is too short? Why cant it be, friend tell that guy they want him to meet me and leave me in the unknown? Honestly, friends I’ve set up had no idea I was setting them up. All I did was invite them to hang out, and they meet and they fall in love and agree to name their first child; Nurul ____ . ūüėÄ Ok fine, they’re not gonna name their first child after me. But it works better for me when I’m not pressured.. ;D
Maybe I should travel. I dont mind marrying an Aussie or Dubai Prince ;). Aikk.heh
#Sik ko tek Muntah gadong ??
# Ujong2 kitak juak yang ada d hati kamek..#Ingga..huhuh



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