No matter how important your ‘inside’ is, people will always judge you on the outside.

.. بسم الله 

لسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُl‎

I hate it when men goes; “why are girls complicated?”, or “girls should lower down their expectations, orguys in the romance novels and movies, dont exist, or why are girls always attracted to bad boys? Yang baik, tak nak!”. Keep thinking that way, you will always have that in mind and you will never get that girl you want.
Let me put it as simple as I can.# Agen pencari jodoh bff,but x for myself.sigh
This is no longer the 50’s where the ladies sits at home, learns how to cook, jahit baju and rely on one income. These days, just to get your kids good education, you need more than 5 income!! Dont rely solely on PTPTN, if you know you can work extra hard for money, then bring on the double shift. Since women are well educated and earning a decent income these days, it makes them an ‘in control’ person. They work, manage time and money well. We’re always in control and no matter how much we love it, in true honesty, we do get tired of it.
I honestly dont mind when a guy takes control every once awhile.
A ‘nice’ guy doesnt take control, they want to understand women. Screw that, we dont understandwomen ourselves, so why should you? Nice guys spend most of the time worrying if the girl likes him or not. Spends most of the time bring pushed around. Spends most of the time being a boyfriend material, that he forgets to be himself. He forgets the crazy adventures he  used to do every weekend with the guys, and turns a 180 by being what the girl wants in a guy. What a girl wants….changes every 30 minutes.
And you’re always wondering why nice guys are always being friend-zoned. Well…its because when you start doing everything the girl likes, its just the same as having girlfriends to do the things we like. Dont ever change yourself for someone. Improve, yes, but dont change.
Don’t ever think its because of the money. We dont need to parade around in gold and diamonds. We want security!
Grooming. To be very honest with you guys, we dont always go for the good looking guys. We like them neat and presentable. If you look like big foot and smell bad, girls wont look your way. Men invented comb and hairbrush, use it. Men invented shavers, use that as well. Men invented deodorants, use it! OMG, men invented everything, so make use of it. Groom yourself! 
Grooming is important. No matter how important your ‘inside’ is, people will always judge you on the outside.
Go to a nice salon and ask them for a haircut thats suitable with your lifestyle, face shape and so on. Wear clothes that fits, nothing too thight or too lose. Invest in a good pair of pants, suit and a jacket. Dont drench yourself in cologne, wear…yea just CLICK !!
By writing this, I’m not telling any of you men to change. I’m simply…laying it out so you wont question it ever again. I mean, you do want to know what we think, feel or want, right?
Oh and another one, be responsible over yourself and family. If you’re earning more than enough and still live with your family, help them with the bills. I cant explain it, but my sister agrees with me on this. By doing so, you give out this aura, a comforting aura. Maybe its a sense of security.

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