Hye.. wanna B my penpal baby..

I remember back then in school, during my Primary school years, my class teacher asked if we wanted a penpal to write to. She explained that we can make friends with people from another side of the world, learn their culture and so on. I, of course couldnt be bothered (miaahhaha). As a young child, I was pretty strong on going all ‘Ethnocentric’ (thinking your culture is superior than others), so I couldnt care less about other culture. 

That was then, I was a child!!! 

Anyway, then at 15, I got myself a penpal. I met her during my holiday at Aussie and we kept in touch by e-mailing one another. Only God knows why we stopped e-mailing one another. Maybe I got bored of it. Or maybe I had others things to do, like, study for SPM. Besides, there was Friendster, Myspace and Hi-5, so I didnt really check my e-mails. Infact, I hardly check my e-mails which is pretty bad because there was this one time when the lecturer e-mailed all of us to inform us the change of classroom and because I dont check my e-mail, I missed the class and it was an important class because he explained the assignment that was due the next week. Boo. 

So, I tried to get to the bottom of why I hate checking my e-mails. I found the perfect reason. Its filled with junkmails from Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger!! I get about atleast 100++ notification e-mails from all those social network. And because I hardly log onto my e-mail, it piles up and when I do finally log in, I have over few hundred e-mails to delete. 😦

Guess what I did? 

Come on…guess…

I created a new e-mail account. I am now, a proud user of…GMAIL!! 

Ok, done laughing? 

Like I said before, I hate checking my e-mails, but because I’ve gotten to the bottom of it and realize because its always filled with junk, I decided to create a new e-mail account where no social networking sites can send me junks. 😀 So this e-mail will be used for more important stuff, like e-mails from lecturers about the cancellation of class. :p And also for family and friends who wants to send me e-mails. 

I’ve been sending and receiving e-mails from a friend I met through twitter, I know, isnt twitter amazing? Dpt eratkan silaturrahim. And its fun, its like getting a new penpal where all you wanna do is ask questions about them. Sad part is, friend lives in Malaysia and friend is Malaysian and friend is Malay. What else can I ask him about?  booo

Anyone wants to be my penpal? Im in the mood of writing long ass e-mails! Juh

Next, aku ingin nak mendalami dr segi rohani gik, i mean coba nak memperbaiki semayang aku, mendekatkan diri kepada Illahi gtu lah. yalah, aku tok semayang laju koh, kadang2 ku rasa cam sik kusyuk jak. takut di murkai Illahi uols! dah byk kurniaan di beri, hamba Mu ini masih juga lupa diri. Ampunilahhh. (ku serius tok, boh kitak urg tergisin-gisin sia).


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