A gentleman’s dignity relationship

Not all relationships are the same. Meaning, we might not share the same values in a relatioship OR, your new relationship is not the same as the old one. After getting out from a bad relationship, you’re more aware of a lot of things in a relationship. I would normally listen to my girlfriends and their relationsips. To be very honest, it hasn’t helped one bit. So many restrictions, rules, do’s and dont’s. No wonder men feels trapped in a marriage. I feel trapped when I listen to my girlfriends and their other half. “You can’t do this, you can’t do that” How can you stand it? Even I can’t.

The only people who gets to tell me what I can or cannot do are my parents. Wait, here’s the best part; even my parents don’t tell me what I can or cannot do. I guess they believe in making mistakes, learning from it, and to forgive easily. AND trust! “Oh, you can’t go on a all boy’s trip” Why not? I told my boyfriend off when he didn’t want to go for his all boys trip. Since we’re not married, might as well take a crazy trip with friends….right? My girlfriend was horrified when I told her about boyfriend going for a boys trip. What? Why? What happens during all boys trip? What if I trust my boyfriend not to do anything stupid? I mean, he’s big and old enough to make the right decisions and not do anything stupid.

 “Do not acknowledge any of your ex’s”I guess I understand this. Ex was in the past, should stay in the past. Or maybe we can just grow up, accept reality and be friends. I’m friends with my ex’s. We hang out. We still talk on the phone and text one another. I swear I didn’t know this was wrong. Its a normal thing to be threathened by your partner’s ex, but I rather have my partner acknowledging her presence rather than ignoring her and making me feel like I’m the uptight bitch for not letting my man talk to an old friend.

I’ve always like those confident girls, leaving her man at the table alone while she does a bit of PR all the while knowing that girls were salvating over her man. I remember going to this party and I was talking to this nice guy. He didn’t flirt, but was simply entertaining. About an hour later, his girlfriend joined us. Smiled, introduced herself, and started chatting. One) I’m probably not pretty enough to ‘steal’ her man or two) she trust him. I op for the latter. But I envy her, not for her boyfriend, but for that power to have fun and enjoy herself without worrying about her boyfriend flirting with other girls. 

I’m not worried about my boyfriend because he honestly can’t flirt. He’s too loud. -__-‘ Cutting friends off. Ok, I dont get this one. A girlfriend of mine hates it when her boyfriend hangs out with his bestfriend. Maybe his bestfriend did something wrong, I dont know, but whatever. I don’t have perfect friends either and I can’t imagine telling my boyfriend who he can see and who he cant. “Other girls shouldn’t be calling my boyfriend late night”Guilty.

I call my guy friends at 2am. I have my guy friends calling me at 3am. I know my boyfriend messages his other girlfriends late night till morning too. Don’t think we’ve ever brought this up. Even when we’re together and one of his girlfriends calls him up, I would tell him to answer…in case she needed help or something. Its not about ‘Oh I’m so mature’, but simple basic for being human. “My girlfriend can’t shine brighter than me”Your partner is to complement you. To support, love, cherish, understand, talk to, laugh and cry with. Not a person you have to compete with.

Why not shine together? She’ll shine in her own light and you shine i yours?! Heck, then men I grew up with are great supporters of their wives. My dad, my uncle and my brother.  I dont see them sitting in a corner, sulking just because their wives are better than them. Or threatening them. Instead I hear good praises, pride in their eyes and non stop support.It goes the other way around too. I see the ladies in my life fully supporting their men in whatever they do.When your partner tells you to stop shining…leave! He is not God to take away light from you. If its yours, shine! 

Maybe its just me. I just can’t live and survive with so many restrictions.

I have two rules;
Dont lie and Don’t cheat!There you go!  



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