Dear Facebook Buddies.

Dear Facebook buddies,It has come to my attention that you like to send me game requests. As flattering as it is to know that you so desire to play with me, why don’t you like call or text me, invite me over for a game night and we can chill that way? Because my facebook is a place for me to do more important things like catch up with my family…or stalk you. Either way if you could please refrain from sending these dumb requests, I’d much appreciate it. Also if you continue, I will defriend you. If you want me to defriend you I dare you to send a game request. Serious.I wonder if they’ll get it. You can never be too sure…lol..serious talk. Lets go for a starbucks chills out, thats more human rather than request play on facebook.

      ¤ With Love : Nurul Husna Johari’es ¤



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