Just offered miak semandin some work in BCCK expos and trade which is a PAID job! There’s the story goes..

So a lot of people know i’m a crazy online social network person..asa glemerss tahap retis. One thing i really like about it is that no one in this ‘online’ planet knows who i am, and i don’t know who the people in network are.If you make friends with people online without knowing what they look like, in a way you like what they are inside and not out. Which is pretty cool.Of course, you can tell people how successful you are in real life, but no one would gives a shit and they will think you’re just lying LOL. That’s the fun part! Mena sikk? People don;t really need to know what your like in real life. They just want to have fun and some1 to talk. So i was in a gathering with someone a few weeks ago and we were just beloyar betanyak cita donia.. I often see this guy online every time i am on so he’s a pretty hard core networking fella. So i was curious of what type of job allows that sort of time for a ngerayo online 24hours. He told me , “I’m a 23 year old jobless guy living in Kuching who just finished Uni.” Wow, Kuching too! Yah..dekat dunia kita duhal..So it lead me to more interest in talking to this guy. He told me he just finished University and can not find a job in Kuching and failed a lot of interviews because he has no work experience in his Portfolio, so banks see him as a “New Guy”. I laughed and agreed with the situation and told him that it’s so difficult to get a job right now in this Era even for people with a lot of experience so let alone new grads. School life has a world of its own…munxda org dlm boh ko berangan masok gov duh anak ehh.. I was one of the top students ( Top Students in my diction means Study beria2 sambil berhibur to the fullest) in my field and i serious kicked butt…lol. But after i finished college and came to Kuching looking for a job i realized that what i could do, hundreds other people could do the same thing, and hundreds of them can work at the same speed of me and hundreds of them can kick my butt…rami lalu dpt 4.0 cgps..dang*.However good i was in College was comparing to other classmates of maybe twenty people? It’s just like when in junior school taking exams to try get into a secondary school. You realize how many other people there are trying to get the same position. thousands of students sitting in a hall with only 300 positions available.kuatan nok masuk class A..mun dah rah class A ya nang kira hebat lah..boleh lah kayo2 rah school dgn muka loba…Tapi kinek…Welcome to the real world. I told this guy that i can guarantee he will not be able to get a job unless he pulls his target down and work from low for experience. And he started to get all worthless and started defending himself telling me his education background LOL!!! He was saying how it’s just BAD LUCK for him.He didn’t get it at all!!! He’s still so stuck up and big headed about himself back in school that he doesn’t realized he’s entered a new world – The Real World. I offered to give him the number for a job position working in Trade and Expo’s in BCCK Kuching because they ALWAYS accept new Grads just looking for stuff to just put into their Portfolios. I told him it’s a hourly part time paid job and it’s better than him sitting at home playing online games/social networking fackinm whole day waiting for LUCK to come. Work isn;t going to find you, you find work yourself. Then he started telling me “I’m not in that field though, and i will only take a job if it’s 3K up.”  Here is when i started to get really pissed! I screwed at him, “3K up?! without experience and proof that you have BEEN out in the real world you’re not even worth a single penny! Mun ku mpun company lum tentu ku merik ko sesen…moha sa nyawaku koh.. Yah…You think you’re so good graduating from University? Well i can tell you you’re a piece of shit!lol..stresss..hangol… I can guarantee that if me and you go for a job interview in YOUR field, where i have no education in, I can kick your ass any day because when they look in my portfolio they will see how much shit i have done in the past similar to the field and pick me over you. I was working nothing under 100rm/day back in LA Lubok Antu…im so wealthy back than…sempat juak.. but i came to Kuching as a NOBODY and i had to fuaecking* work my way up from 60RM/day! Why? Because im not fluently read or write english/mandarin and i had never worked in Kuching what so ever! So i needed the experience!” So im facukingfish improve myself. I took part time class for mandarin basic. And i buy a lot of English Novel to add my vocabs. I heard Hitz Fm on radio to improve my pronounce. I fiscking watch HBO,MTV n E News to let my brain familiar with e language… Im fiuecking do anything for my own good. Then you will not believe what he said to me. “I don’t think my mother wouldn’t let me work there or for anything less that 3K.”……….Yes, at that point i looked like that the photo. Dead…So i just replied him with, “It’s your life! Not your mothers! You wanna be a Mamas Boy then i am sorry to say this but, you’ll never make it out. Well, i’m off now, come find me if you are bored of ur Online Planet while waiting for Luck to head your way.”So that was the end of that conversation. A few days ago i hit into him again in the Facebook. So i asked him hows the work thing going and he said to me “Failed another Two interviews. I gonna go and do some Volunteer work for experience. Ko nak ke Gaza kah?? Or ko nulong jaga sempadan borneo dr dikaco sidak Gang Kiram. He said “My teacher suggests it”.”OH MY FUAICKING* GAJAH..ku nak alah nk nyumpah beloya ngan semandin tok eh ! He ticked up my vein again… I has to scold him like scolding my children.”WTF!? If your teacher tells you to jump off a cliff are you going to do it!? Your teacher only told you to do volunteer work because you told her you can’t find a job! No one does volunteer work other than those who are in school or those who already have a job with free time in their hands! I Just offered you some work in BCCK expos and trade which is a PAID job! WTF is wrong with you?! ….!!!!!!!! You major in finance and trade and expo work is all about business and money! You tell people in the job interview you worked for a pacific trade expo which deals and communicate with buys and sellers all over the world, that already shows something! I’m not saying its the best job in the world but you’re telling me you rather do Volunteer? Oh Mak… Tulong lah anakmu ini mak.. First i thought you were picky but now i think you’re just plain STUPID! ..lol..im about to explod volcano thru my nose.. I meet people in Expo’s who tell me they just finished their masters degree but can’t get a job so they just doing THIS job for something to put down in their Portfolio so it’s not so empty. I seriously can not stand this semandin no more.Why is it so hard to help people.. Thinking back, i just fucking offered this semandin a job. DAMN this unworthy boy!!  Seriously, put this in mind everyone. Look into the Mirror and see how bad you look compared to other people. If you can see how shit you really are, Then you’re already improving.. Istighfar and drinks cold water to calm myself down… Call mak lok. Nak berkasih sayang n get some advice.. YA ALLAH…kenak ada nemiak mengap begiya.. FUHHHHH… Take a deep deep breath..


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