Scam got it back.. Oyeahhh…

Dear Mr. Belo Mustafa, :-h.. Wave with an excitement.. Ehh

It is so good to hear from a Randoms, Kindheart Angel Heart Poyones, Mongok Heart and Paloi gang Semandin having been raised and lived for many years as The Late of Mr. Morris Thompson Account Officer in most beautiful homeland, South African.Hows Africa weather these days? Tetibeee. I want to send you my sincere thanks and gratitude for your kind offer of USD$25.5 Million Dolar for taking part in this funds transfer transaction… Ohmaigadd…ommo ommo. Thank You sooooo much Mongok Paloi Man Ko Nang Nulak Rezeki aik… Ohmo:(|)

However, I am a businessman too (involving a billions bills- to let you c the bigger picture);) and I make my living transferring large sums of money from and to my friends, relatives, and business associates in Malaysia,Dhubai,Singapore and Middle East as well.. I am a CASH PERSON (ApaAkuMerepekTok…SotKaliKoNak) =)). I never involve in fund transfer and i dont even know what my Accout Number, because i dont give a damn..ehh, kasar juak bunyi damn ya. I dont give a demam(Manual Correct)..l-)

To brag,lol…I always bring around 500Thousand Dolar Everyday and spread it to everyone i wanted to randomly.. MONEY is not my concern.. So i willingly to give you $30 Million Dolar by CASH ON DELIVERY for you so you can help other people who needed them (money) more… Pround of myself… \m/

Therefore, I know that you would agree, that in order to participate in this wonderful opportunity, I must have an advance monetary commitment from you — a good faith gesture on your part — in order to proceed…. Is that okay? You can donate them later or whatever you do with that money…  P.S- You Dont Have To Email me later to let me know what are you gonna do with that money. Its Yours….=;..

I will ask my Secretary to write down the Black & White Delivery Cash for your convenient so that your Country knows that the money is yours with from the rightfull by blackmail…#Just saying… Lol..omob-)

Therefore, I ask that you deposit just 10% ($3000,000) of the $30M( i cant even count money…hahaha…math failed, who cares…Bank cant count my money too co it increase helplessly every second)… :-b into my Secretary PayPal Account as an indication that you truly possess the funds and are actually authorized to release to receive them… The 10%  is for my Secretary since she will be the one who handle the procedure and will incharge your money delivery..That is to show your gratitude toward her as she do that job which is not part of her job description when she sign in an offer letter to be part of my company…Its between you and her dow..o-+ Beside she’s gorgeous,who know you guys will be the next “The Notebook” or “P/S I Love You” lovey dovey couple. Lol

Using the online PayPal service is a very convenient and secure way to transfer funds she said… How would i know that, im a CASH Person remember… Hehe… Brag again… Lol (BesarSudahLubangHidungKuTokMbakLobaSepanjangKuMereplyEmailMongokPaloiKoTok) …. Eh, ku macam angol juak ngan kerja menimbun di office nun tiba2 email2 mongok torang jak yg berselang seli dengan email penting aku sampey drawing dihantar sidak Architect rah aku lalu terdelete lalek ku mendelete email mongok torang yang penuh lam inbox.:-w

All you need do is access the PayPal web site — — open a PayPal account, deposit the funds into your new account, and then transfer the money into my secretary existing account, which has already been set up to receive the 3million.. Who invent those paypals is such an intellegent people.. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. 

You only need my email address, which you already have, to transfer the funds into my Secretary Account. Therefore, the complete safety of your account, as well as her is guaranteed and insured unconditionally. Oyeah… What a technology.. Pheww…

You have asked that this matter be handled with the strictest confidentiality, and I will agree to that condition, provided that the transfer takes place in a reasonable period of time, say by 20 July.. Which is after i get back from my Europe Tour Holiday with my staff.. Ko adeerr..

If the money has not been received by that time, I must assume that you are not making a legitimate offer, and that you might be someone other than who you say you are -.-. Eh… Muka begiya dberik.. 🙂 Muka kedak tok patutnya…lmao.

Although I can tell by the exceptional language of your email, that is probably not the case…Sorry lah, OhMyEnglish # English aku pun lebih kurang sama english nemiak darjah 5…sabar jak lah. Aku tok Typical Malaysia..Bahasa ROJAK KUCEY katanyerr…

However, if that is the case, then I will be forced to embark upon a most unpleasant course of action that I would prefer not to undertake… Hmm.. this must be serious,cant get help from WonderPet either… Wonderpet2 kami datang,membantu anda dalam kesusahan. Kami x besar dan kami x kuat, bila bekejasama semua jadu mudah.. Apa yang transfer…Apa yang pentingggg…fund transfer. Lol,sorry.. I love my country too much. Hehe…who dont right??.

Because I have so many loyal friends on Globe…ehh..worldwide.. On earth..  Planet Zuhal got friend doing some experiment either human can live and chills while take a sip of Aik ABC Lock Ann or having Mee Kolok or just a cool holiday the Government of Nigeria also got and the Military too, and many close ties within the Security Service where you work, it would be quite easy to locate your office and your home, as well as learn the identities of your friends and relatives…. What for?? Nahh… Just kidding.. Well Im quit a Humor’ious Cash Person… Humorious?! Is that even a human word? Maybe i can invent the word. And patent it as mine.. Lol. Business minded#or narrow minded… Whatever… Overrrr u’olssss…

I truly don’t believe that you would want to jeopardize their health and well-being, and your own future. Kannnnn… Mena sik? !. Hehh.. I will let my Secretary to access her PayPal account on 20th July to verify that your good-faith payment has been made. Once that takes place, we can move forward with the final transfer… Cant wait to donor 30 million. So i can pay less Tax.. Lol… No lah… I bayar zakat what.. I pay Tax on time okeyy..I sedekah also and i make sure my left hand doesnt know bout it..i only tell my mother…Berkat mama meh… Lol. No need to tell you this kinda things kan?. Im friendly so dont bother k… Its my blood… Huhu.. Hangol Ko Maca Email Ku Nak??…haaaha..bok ko merasa jiwaku dimain ko selamak tok. Aikk:-p

I trust that you will not disappoint me in this matter, since the consequences for non-compliance could be quite severe. I look forward with great anticipation to Donor those cheapchesse 30 million(sound like 3 dolar for me).

Note to myself…. Hey bitch…you sound arrogant and annoying’nessss rich. Shut your mouth and give the damn money laaa… Lol.

Yours faithfully,
Princess Of Heiress
President & CEO
All kind of Business-Gold,Diamonds,Petroleum,Real Estate,Engineering,Transportation a lot more… Ehh.. Loba and overrr..

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