The new rule of Engineer

Assalammualaikum w.b.t
The new rule of C&S Consultants Enginner: Be ready anytime, anywhere, always. You are the mobile office. I have come to understand the value of that rule as I’ve had to set up a mobile office on the road on several occasions…Mostly when i have a Site Visit / Site Inspection / Meeting at several places in a weeks travel with airplane. What follows is a list of the items I have with me at all times on every trip.. 🙂

1. A great backpack.
Great backpacks have lots of pockets to help you keep everything separate, accessible and organized. I use the Targus Drifter II backpack and love it. It’s specifically designed to fit a large, 15-inch MacBook Pro,Ipad III,iPod III and iPhone5. The traveler’s bonus? MAS Enrich Card.The yellow colored highlights on the pack make it easy to identify when it’s on the luggage bins on an airplane..

2. A big screen laptop is a must.When it comes to weight vs. size, size always wins. For every 30 minutes you spend whining about lugging an extra 6 ounces around the airport, you’ll spend 10 grateful hours that you did. Save your eyes by staring at a full-size screen instead of something the size of postage stamp..MacBook Pro is the love of my life..exaggarate s usual..ngee

3. A mini power strip. 
I have a mini four-port power strip in my backpack at all times (you can pop-quiz me the next time you see me). Why? Because when you’re at an airport and outlets are nowhere to be found, you can pull someone else’s cord (with their permission, of course), plug in your strip, plug them back in and then have three more spots for you.. Lol…not ashamed meh ?! Hehh..its actualy convenient if you are an Engineer and keep travelling all over places.. Finger cross.

4. Dry food.
The only thing that chews up more power than your laptop is you. Feed the beast (you) hehe. I always have 1,000 calories of dry food supplies, and a bottle of water, with me. Kurma,Baryls Tiramisu W.C.(e only chocolate i can actually eat)…im a rare species dow.., KIND bars, Strawberry Waffles, Dried Apples and, yes, more Banana are all sealed in bags in my backpack.heheh

5. Foldable headset. 
I use my laptop for Skyping and listening to podcasts, music and movies. I’ve found a Logitech foldable headset does the job for anything I need to listen to, without annoying those around me.

6. Construction-class ear plugs.
I used to use those expensive, bulky noise-canceling headsets when I was flying around the country. But they aren’t nearly as effective as a pair of $1 earplugs. I upgraded to the reusable $3 ones they use on construction sites and love them.

7. Sunglasses.
Weather around the world is crazy. You never know what the weather or temperatures are going to be when you land, so I always have an extra pair of sunglasses in my backpack. Sunglasses have saved me on multiple occasions.Thanks Dad for the Randolph Engineering Sunglasses.Love you till Jannah my HERO.

8. Clean undies, socks, t-shirt. 
If you travel a lot, odds are an airline will lose your luggage. At that time, having a fresh change of clothes is priceless. I always have spares with me in a bag that can then double as my dirty laundry bag.

9. Pepto-Bismol, aspirin, deodorant, baby wipes. 

With these four things you can fly for 24 hours straight, land and go directly to a meeting smelling great—baby wipes and a little deodorant serve as a mobile shower. And you can do dinner and drinks with your brand new client all night, and still wake up feeling great thanks to the Pepto and…bhahahhaa


10. Mints and ChapStick. 
You’d think this would go into the duh! category, but road warrior after road warrior forgets. Always have mints or breath strips with you, since you will find yourself at times without access to your toothpaste. ChapStick is also a must to help combat the dry air on air planes and in hotel rooms.Admittedly my backpack isn’t light. But carrying the weight, probably 10 to 15 pounds, is a small price to pay for my ability to do business anywhere, anytime. What’s in your bag?


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