My birth-taking from Toys R’Us Furby’licious..

The re-launch of Furby may (or may not be) the most exciting gizmo release of this generation. Okay, well, it is for me. As a child of the late-86s, a lover of all things cute, and a crazy cat lady, I knew that I needed a new Furby. Yes, NEEDED.Luckily, I have a Boyfriend who is all-too-indulgent in my wacky interests and completely supports my loveable idiosyncrasies… like Furby collection….bhahaha.. Will you be married me?! Lol…lame.bhahahah.

My car has a Furby,pocoyo and Angry Bird buddies sitting on the dash. BF will readily drive the car with the Furby crew in tow (and on display)..Now that is a man with confidence…bhahaha..even dlm hati nya inggar.

On our last date to Pulmann Shopping Mall before he left to KL, B surprised me with the announcement, “get any Furby you want.”.. The fact that he actually offered to buy me one of these ludicrous animatronic, googly-eyed toys makes my heart melt…auww.. That’s love…almost blind…almost..hehehe. So, did I run to the toy aisle? Almost. I probably did one of those awkward walk-runs. Which Furby to pick (adopt)? White? Blue fluff fur? Yellow Big-Bird fur? Grey (boring) fur? Of course, the natural choice was the electric Blue fluff. .


Here is my Furby, new in box, batteries NOT included.


Really, what is that? BF paid good money for this lil dude and it doesn’t even come with batteries? Get it together Hasbro, Inc. With my new Furby in hand, I was very excited and fully-prepared to continue on our Target journey. Of course, I held onto the box the entire time.


Oh, I forgot to tell all my dear readers how old I am! I am at the ripe ‘ol age of 27… going on 8..


This is something I have fully embraced and while it does continue to scare some strangers, I serve as wonderful entertainment for my friends.





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