Boyfriend vs Chipsmore

Huhu.. I didn’t continue my last post.. I need to calm down from gadget freak anger post..heh. So i thought about something that will turn me to be a Perempuan Melayu Terakhir for a

But…its failed least i try. The story begin with….

Over a year ago, I was kinda seeing someone I thought would be the ‘One’ but it didn’t go anywhere and after awhile, I moved on…

I didn’t know what went wrong, he just kind of disappeared and I took that as a cue he didn’t want anything.

Recently I was hanging out with a girlfriend of mine whom I’ve not seen for the longest time, and who happens to be a friend of that guy I dated but disappeared halfway.. But what makes it tragic  i learn after that chillout season is she’s with that Chipsmore guy…for god sake…bhahaha..what a small world.


This is how the telenovela goes.. We were chatting about stuff when his name came up, so I confessed that it didn’t work out and I didn’t know what happened.


“Nana” she started slowly; “Im with him now”.. shocked. I’m numb for a few second than the thought that she with that Chipsmore guy is tragic at first than i thought that hillarious for some reason. Hehe.. I said it was an ancient story so i got nothing to do with him anymore.


Then she said; “You asked him if he wanted to be tekok dahi ..?”

“Well yeah….he texted me at 3am for McD Burger” I argued; “That deserves more than just a tekok dahi !”


“You don’t tekok dahi, tampalak, punch or bite people”  “Oh”

She cont’d; “He said you were abusive and if he were to do a report, the police would take one look at you and then laugh at him or throw him in jail for making up stories””What?!?””Meaning, behind that innocent-mummy-I-didnt-do-anything-wrong babyface, lies a wrestler”.


Onglaki inggar juak si Chipsmore ya..tang padah jak ko udah bekenan ngan ompuan dpn mata ku tok which i thought my friends but than.. jaharu duhal…

No wonder ko nak alah jd ubat nyamuk mekduak ngedate dolok marek..X bgus kuar berdua kata ko?!! Maka dah sah lagik bersuluh mekduak lepak makan minum rah Boyan/Topspot/Lock Ann and Kedey Uncle Kucey..Nakpa nok dimaksiat mekduak cya.. Apa ko ingat aku tok x beriman.. xda mak bapak negor olahan ku.

Now i now why……………….. .____.



I heard of this advice before.

From my mom who told me that slapping a guy in the face with a book is wrong…lol.


It was self defense! He was about to break my heart! Apparently that’s not a valid reason.”Ever thought of doing some anger management counselling?” she asked. “Excuse me?” I asked..Ompuan tok nang menguji iman ku..ko udah merampok Chipsmore aku, ko maok merampok Oreo aku gik kinek kah..ko maok aku putar, celop n tukuk dahi ko kah…




Taking the butter knife from my hand; “Or maybe seek a doctor and find out where all this anger is coming from… Ku sik ku moha sampey atang tangan koh. x penah seumur idop ku. Mun ku moha ku diam jak..dahya ngepak rah blog or social networking.. beloya ngan mak.. mintak petunjuk Allah.. mintak dberik kesabaran..


Threatening to kick someone in the face is not gonna get you a Harry Winston on your finger. It might get you Poh Kong, though there’s nothing wrong with Poh Kong, but you know what I mean””Wait, by doctor you mean psychiatrist?””Ooohh that sounds even better. Go see one”.. Chicken juak eh..

Ok I admit, I do have an anger problem every now and then….like mostly…all the time..Even Ustaz pun ada masa moha time ngajar nemiak ngaji..Nakpatah lagik kita manusia serba kekurangan tok… Its not just against men but everyone… Lets narrow it down.

I live in the world of TRUST. I trust you, you trust me, then we’re fine. BUT if you don’t trust me, bring it up to me and tell/explain to me why you don’t trust me. Be it friends, relationships or even work related. I won’t know if you have a problem unless you bring it up to me…ku bukan Nujum Pak Belalang dpt tauk isik hati nakpa lam pikiran ko ya..

I don’t like being accused for something I didn’t do. I mean seriously, I bet no one likes that right?!?..Tangada nudoh xtentu usol periksa..x nyawa ko meroyan?? When I do something, I don’t hide it, but does not mean I go around telling people about it. I have no reasons to hide it. So before you start accusing, get the story straight..

I love to live ‘in the moment’ but because I know myself, I know with only 4 hours of sleep at night I would be dead cranky the next day and snap at everyone and won’t be able to get any work done. So, I avoid coming home late at night and learn to love my beauty sleep of atleast 6-7 hours. Even after telling people that asking me out at 2am for a quick drink at the mamak is a ‘NO’, they still call me at 2am for a quick drink at the mamak. Then when I say ‘No’, they keep pestering me about it…ko sik paham bahasa melayu kah? Ko mok ku kaka iban bok ko paham?! Dear God people! ALLAH SWT created night for us to sleep and get a full rest before going all out in the daytime the next day. Another thing is, ‘planning’. No, I’m not a Prime Minister where people have to book me 3 weeks in advance but I appreciate it if you call me few days before to make lunch or dinner plans..Jangan tangada jam kol 12 alu msg “Na,kol 12.15 lunch sama mek orang..mek org nunggu rah Food Court Tun Juggah..k.aih.. Mahal ka message ku at least an hour before.. Inggar. Once awhile, impromptu lunch/dinner is fine but when I have to fit you in my only a days off, I’ll get stressed out… Ku dahlah 1st and 3rd week jak cuti sabtu ahad .. 2nd and 4th week ku keja sampey sabtu. Gik mok juak ko ngaco masa rehat ku yg seciput ya.


4. AGE.
Its the age I tell you… Its like the quarter life crisis, but women style. Or like when a women about to go through menopause where she gets angry at the smallest things. I swear, hormones plays a big part in a lot of things. I asked for grilled chicken and you give me lamb chop, then my hormones will kick you in the face…dush dush.
Ok fine, I would thank you for the lamb chop and eat it…heh..yg pntg nyaman. That kinda thing, I think its God’s way of telling me that I need some red meat in me. 😛
Oh and that pressure to get married. After you pass 25 years old with no plans of marriage around the corner, people will start asking, shake their heads at your idea of being an independent woman, and think there’s something deeply wrong with you. Then comes in; “Na, ada mak cik or ninek  tok nya merik mandi bunga” aih !?!??!?1?!?!??!?#?#?!?!??!?!?#.//greGHreklhnrlng!?!??!?4./mvlfmvl;me!?!?!?!??!?1v//f,;fmlfmF?G??Really? Ngerco nyawaku?! Ada ALLAH engkah lam Al-Quran..mun ko lambat belaki ko mandik bunga dahya jodoh ko besusun kedak ketapi dpn umah ko…aih heh..ko sengaja nak.

I do what I can and I know I do my best when I have to do something. But no reason for anyone to let me do everything in one go. I’m a friend, but when I have other obligations and can’t attend to you, I’m sorry….Jangan ko nak.embak.muka jaik lenkali nemu aku mun ku x attend coz ku dah padah awal.. But going behind my back and bitching about it will get you a tight pororo slap from me…Gangster kpg gita lah ko tek .My parents have high expectation of me because im a Big Sister. They want this, they want that, they want everything and I have 12 sets of them coz my uncle and Unty also looked up for me to be a bench marked to their son, so sometimes breaking down because I feel as if I’m failing them is almost normal…lol.heh… After getting this job, suddenly they want me to do another job. And I know when I get that job, they want me to do something else. Sidak mok yg terbaik k kamek p Syukurlah sidak memahami sampey ney limit kamek
Syukur Alhamdulillah.


She failed the PE 1st test and she  score the best for thw 2nd trial..

People do understand but I know they really don’t. And that gets me angry most of the time.Small things like these gets on my nerve. Small things like these irritates me. I may not talk about it to the people around me because I don’t think they understand. They might. But then I have to explain everything.So when I hit the gym, that’s just me channeling my anger, annoyance and bitterness to something else. That’s better than kicking someone right?

Gosh! I don’t know how those celebrities can take it. With so much expectations and people constantly in their face all the time.Ok…tedah Jeton Sameon or Melah Ram salu jadi mangsa orang..ku pun salu juak netak sidak duak..

Fuhhhhh… *breathein*breatheout*breathein*
breatheout* I’m probably just pms-ing…lol



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