Some say that time changes – best friends can become strangers..

This was something which I used to believe was a false statement…Manusia of course they change.I change too..Change to be a better  person or likewise…lmao.Mainly because I thought that no matter how complicated or busy your life got, you always have time for friends… Because i always had time for em so i expect they will too for me..Well,i guess i was wrong in that


But with time, I have finally come to accept this and come to terms with it..They have their own life to deal with everyday.Just take a look at you and me…We used to be so close that we were almost inseparable in Uni. We might have not spoken everyday, but when we did we had so much to say that it always felt like there was never enough time, and I hated saying bye…

Also, if ever there was silence shared we both knew exactly what the silence meant.But now, everything has changed and things are so different.. We don’t even talk to each other to begin with…xtauk pahal… I guess that is my fault, or was it yours? I don’t remember why..Apa masalah pun x tauk…lol.heh

Either way, you are living in your world and me in mine with friends of our own. I have wondered what it would be like if we did talk to each other.

No, I didn’t mean I want to be your bestfriend again. That would be  awkward and that’s something I still trying to back of my head..At least we talk and still can have a “hows your life” conversation.Its not like i didn’t try but its not work if its only for 1 side..but does’nt matter…

I was just curious to know how things would play out if we spoke..Last time i visit your FB pages and i saw your wedding photo and i got it straight away…

You dont even try to invite me even though i know its impposible for me to attend because you live so far from town.But i expect…at least let me know.Just tag me in your wedding invitation post.Will the nonstop jabbering start again? Will we pick up from where we left behind?..I dont thing you had the NAWAITU to do so…

Will we have a laugh about the good old days? I played it out in my head and pictured how things would go.So I gave it a shot. Only to discover I was wrong. I send you a message . But it was mere words being exchanged. It was nothing like how I had imagined it in my head and no where close to how things used to be. You have changed a lot. Or maybe I was.. Sik kamek paham koh adik kakak..

Times definitely have changed and you most definitely were a complete and total stranger… I am not writing this to tell you that I miss you and I wish things could go back to what it was…P mun boleh jangan lah terus lupakkan persahabatan kita macam ya ajak nak ow.. Setakat message sekali sekala madah selamat hari raya,kitak posa tek kah,nakpa k sungkey tek..soalan2 randoms begiya bah..nakpa yg susah gilak nak ow..ish ish..


     We share the same interest.
             We’re Cat Lover.

Things will never go back to how it used to be and I don’t even dream it to…P at least once in awhile apa salah kita tanyak khabar apa semua nak ow..Bukan ada akta yg melarang kita tek bertanyak khaba bersilatirahim ta orgtua apa smua ya nak ow…

I am happy with my life now and I know you are happy too and enjoy your life.

But I do want to let you to know the following:-

So what, we weren’t best friends forever, but we were best friends for quite awhile and that still means something! Yup… And deep down I still consider you as one of my bestie.Siyes..

There definitely is a reason  why you are not in my future or present for that matter ma frens, but then again, there also is a reason why you’ll always be a part of my past..

I still remember zaman kita d Uni dolok marek. Even kita sama course p lain2 class..You are 1 step pandey tek nak. Kmk org tek gik bertatih2 nak memajukan dirik.repeat padu..bhahaha

Bongok bah ku calculation time ya..doh hah… :'(.

Ending sik teli dengan jalan cerita..sorry lah adik kakak ow.. Kamek emo indah.bhahha..


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