Writing or Penulisan in Bahasa.


Apa khabar adik kakak semua..sihat?! Salam Ramadhan semua. Hari tok 1st day puasa,giney puasa tek?! Okkah?! Jangan jak mukak periuk indah tengah ari terit nak oi..

Cerita kakak kali tok pasal writing or penulisan lam Bahasa.

I’m not a good writer. Siyes kakak madah.I can’t write to save my life!..Mun org lain dpt nulis novel bagey kakak cuma pandey ngerco d blog jak. Back in school, I’ve always been…just good but never excellent…oktedah..Salu dpt B jak,lanjur gilak lah mun dpt A+..

I have ideas and stories in my head that I would love to write, but I just cant find a great way to write it. Other than not being a good writer, I don’t have much things to blog about. My life is colourful, but its nothing to brag about…

I can write about going for coffee in a new coffee shop. I can write about the black coffee, and the bittersweet memories of the black coffee, the ambiance, the soft lull music and that smile of a special person sitting in front of me…Mun diekot banyak yang nok dikepak p yalah tek.. But, I can never get the right elements to make the story interesting.

I can explain it to someone, tell a story, but I can never be as interesting as that when it comes to writing..Sik sampey emosi sebenar dlm penulisan. Which leads to, ‘Why do I even bother to blog?’..heh.. I love the e-mails I get from my readers. Every time I read a long e-mail from a reader, it gives me a boost to blog EVERYDAY but that dream dies after four hours. Kitorang masih ada juak kah yg x tauk email kakak?! Tok email kakak “nurulhusna_johari@yaboo.com”.

To blog everyday is not an easy thing. Especially when you don’t know what to blog about. A girlfriend of mine told me to try the ‘tag’ game…Nang ada jak idea Syaza koh..Sak diriknya mpun x nulis blog..idea nya mengarey jak koh. Where I have to blog every single day, and there’s a topic given about for each day. I can imagine me posting up only pictures instead of words. But hey, a picture is worth a thousand words. Right?!

When I read other blogs I’m always amazed at the things they’ve done or plan to do or the people they meet or what they’re truly feeling or how to make black coffee. I love how they write, how descriptive it is and how they add a tint of humour in every post. Why can’t I be that creative?! Oktedah..nang xda talent kmk tok koh..belagu x pandey,bjoget k ninjak kaki org jak keja,berlakon kedak kayu …nasib dirik..

Why can’t I write as interesting as how I tell a story/joke to my mother?! I am actually a real funny person…madah dirik..haha.. I have friends calling me up to tell them a joke, just to make them laugh. I even crack myself up most of the time…eheh..

I should have taken writing class in University seriously.-__-‘

Its never too late to take up intensive writing class now right?
Belum suntok lagik kata org tua…Aoklah..esok lah kmk ke bookstore meli buku penulisan..otedah.


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