My Belated Birthday

Sorry, It’s been a while that i’ve blogged.Work has been hectic, it’s just site visit after site visit, location after location; lots of travelling, lots of putting on and removing make up…do I?! Hehe,

Smiling, posing?!…haha, Thats for Monthly Report lol…getting dressed, getting undressed …hahaha..doesn’t make sense :-D, lots of questions being asked by contractor,client n boses and not enough sleep…nuff said.

Therefore, when i do get the chance to lie in i’m just a big¬†vegetable¬†sitting in bed watching movie after movie, playing game after game and preparing my next work before falling asleep…krohhh..

When people ask me, “what’s new?” I really hate to reply them the same thing every time, “Nothing much.” I feel sorry for their ears because really, there isn’t much difference in my life. Hectic Work, Hectic family…The same circle..

I bought a new game..Toys R Us lover recently…hehe, bought a new book, I want another fu¬Ęking holiday haha.. :-P, same old same old…

Thinking about it, i am a rather boring person in real life..I admit…Anyway it’s August which means i’m gonna be another year older, time seriously flies…Still in denying.(padahal memang umo dh btambah)huhu..

I’ve decided not to work on my birthday this year and instead of my birthday ritual of junkfood and¬†Jurassic¬†Park i’ve decided to do something different which will be revealed very soon in this post..or maybe not..!

Hopefully this will give me a chance to meet some of you too!I know i’m a right bitch, i don’t do gatherings, i never post my things instantly and i never tell people exactly what im doing or where i am till its over and done with.

Sorry fella’s my birthday is past and i did it cool head,got a lots of wishes,present and unplan gathering..Tq everyone.. Kitak..kitak…n kitak..TQ.


Thanks Baby Brother * Assyahid Assheiyn bin Johari’es for the thoughtful present. I really need this one. Love you like a moonlight baby brothers.


Another thoughtful gift from my beloved darlings Daddy * Datuk Seri Paduka Hati Ibunda Johari’es @ Ali bin Mudin. Thanks Dad.. Love you till Jannah. HUG Tight Tight…



Tq Lisz,Iyna,Ct,Ayu,Eda,Nonoi n Ogy for being such a good friends of mine. Special Thanks to Lisz n Iyna for the lovely suprise..Love you guys till Jannah.


      Tq Bee for another iPhone
    Couple Phone.. Lol. Were still
      teenagers by the way .. o_O


Tq Fara for e couple casing..hehe. Love ya mate, how about another shot of Scuba Diving the end of December?!



Thanks Mom *Datin Seri Paduka Hati Ayahanda Dyg Aminah Abg Haji Ahmad Shjeli’s* for the Lucky Bracelet..Love you till Jannah Moms. Your the best I ever had.Thanks to ALLAH S.W.T.


Thanks Baby Sister *Eddrina Zalikha Nenilio’es binti Johari’es for the cute lil earpod.. Love you to the moon n back..


Thanks Baby Sister *Fazrin Aleeza Domo’es binti Johari’es for the beautiful Tudung..*bujur jak muka kmk cya owh…Camera trick people,im not gonna lie..Its suppose to looks bulat n chubbiness all the way..heheh


Ehehee… Thanks Paie for the Coki Coki.. You always know the best and the dork side of me mate. Let just b friends please. But,if no one want to married me… then i will consider your propose and when the times come i’ll say yes with the blink of eyes..hehe. Lol


Thanks Officemate for the thoughtful gift..hehe.. That’s one of the expensive stationery i ever had..OhMaiGosh…*sayang nak pakey, huhu…Pakey k sign check n sign report jaklah…bia terjojol mata client nengok pen saya yg hebat itu..huhu..*such a pengeso. Lol


This one is the gift from me to myself…lol..

Sorry, i don’t mean to do that…Sometimes i’m like a prawn haha.So looking forward to September! It will be a start to something new and improved..! Lol..

End.. Lol


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