Selamat Ari Rayo Semo Mensia Di Muka Bumi ALLAH S.W.T.

Assalammualaikum u’olls…

Selamat Hari Raya!

I’m a wayooo bit late huh?! Leklok. Raya sebulan bah macha…Apadahal… Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf zahir dan batin πŸ™‚ Mun ade open house, invite la hamekk..Hamekk nang suka makan free..lil. hihihi I’ve been doing open houses for the last 2 years, and not sure whether I’m going to do one ..

Tapi macam best mun buat, kan…kan. I love gatherings and reunions. haha. I have so much to blog about! Reviews, updates, new things that I’m loving at the moment etc etc. I do have a lot of free time..since when?! I’m in such a cray cray hectic days at work after a long holiday for Raya peeps…But to find that mood, that Alright!-lets-do-a-video-or-blog-about-it feeling is preeeetty hard these days…But I update my insta every single day…nay..When im free…

No idea how…

Anyway, how was your raya?

My first day raya is at my White House , in Spaoh. It was great πŸ™‚ Ate a lot of food. Thank god for my DX Elken corset huh! Keep everything intact LOL. Then on second day of raya, me and family went to Sessang. Well, my hometown is in Kuching, but since my parents were in Spaoh that time, we decided to meet up in Spaoh…What the fish did I talk about…hahaha.

Raya at relatives house + short vacation… Spend most of my time wondering around Sarikei, Sibu shopping and in the hotel rooms, most of the time… Beraya nya pun sik berapa gilak koh hamek madah hitakkkk… haha..

It was great!And now, I’m back in Kuching. Back to my no-takeabreak life….Never-ending work….Tired over day trip travelling…The manopouse Client and Contractor..Lol.. I reeeeeaaally need to find a husband.-.-“.


——->>> Long Q, proposal in progress.. Lol.. πŸ˜›

P/s :-
Hye Boyfriend, will you marry me??Β  ( Pay the divers at an The Hills to put on a proposal show inside their biggest screen at hall. Give them a handwritten sign that says, “Will you marry me?” to hold up against the banner.. Lol ).



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