My Daddy – Johari @ Ali Willi’s Mudin

Assalammualaikum w.b.t


My daddy has been more than I ever could ask for…

Growing up, I thought he was strict, but I always respected his knowledge of Allah s.w.t word.

I think that even though I made mistakes, I could have done so much worse, if it hadn’t been for the fear of the Allah, that my daddy instilled into me and my lil brothers and sisters.

There were times when we were down to one working vehicle, that being a single Mpv Toyota, and my parents piled five of us into that Mpv to drive the 30 plus miles to our Mosque.

We rarely missed a Subuh pray at Mosque on weekend, no matter the morning sibling fights, rain showers, or anything else that came our way!

I remember thinking,”I wish they would just let us stay home for once!”  But they were always faithful to exposing us to the important of knowing and learn the greatest of ALLAH S.W.T.

They put a deep-rooted faith into us.  There were times when most people would have given up, four children, very limited funds, and even kampung-people laughing
For all he did & gave, I love daddy most for that…

My daddy looks tough as nails
And hard as metal.
But the truth is easy to tell
He’s sweet and loving
And can always understand me
Patient he is
And he always makes a big difference in my everyday life.Always managing to put a smile on my face.
Even when his days aren’t so good
My daddy is my hero
He is my best friend who I can always trust
And I don’t have to worry about being misjudged
He is my daddy
And above everybody he is who makes me feel very happy

I Love My Daddy, My Hero, Best Friend, My Daddy, Father,Bapak For ALLAH S.W.T till Jannah.


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