Suppose to be…

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

I’m Single Again.. Thats the main point.. Lol… Again?!

4 years relationship..
Ended in 1 hour and 34minutes with so much arguing on phone… What The Fish..hehe

Suppose to be sad but I’m quite happy…
Suppose to be happy but I’m quite regret…
Suppose to be regret but I’m alright…
Suppose to be alright but I’m wrong…
Suppose to be wrong but I’m right…

Sometimes in our life, we can’t plan too much & we can’t love too much…
Syukurlah dengan apa yg ALLAH dah ator k kita…Alhamdulillah..Syukran Jazilan..

It’s okay to be single.. Syukran..
It doesn’t mean you don’t really bother about your love life..
But I have to make that to avoid something bad happen after… Lol.

I might end up kill him in my bad dreams if we still on that relationship.. Lol

In reality, I’m feel relief with the break off..I don’t know why..
Maybe I sort off expect this to happen…So I`m actually reserve myself and be ready ….
Nyalah ya.. Banyak lah ready ko tek..inggar kau ya..haha..

Sapa kah nangis terisak bagey panama rya..haha..nok nangis sampey beringus rya sapa? Haha.. Melayan lagu sedih lekak ya nangis runnn rrun.. Haha..merik malu jak. Dahya x juak giney2…phuiii..

But in the other way around, I feel sorry to both parties, which mean US..

Why must he do this to me after 4years ?!
Why he didn’t say it earlier?!
Why must? why must now?!??..

Hey, it’s fate and your destiny is no longer with him….
Might be we will be couple in Heaven….Nang direct translate english ku aritok.. Kompon penin sidak omputeh maca.. Nakpa sebenarnya nok dcerita aku tok..hahaha…Grammar tunggang tungkup jk koh.. Adoku kesah taik kambin nang bulat..hehh

**Sory lah ow.. Jiwa mak meruyan hokey..yalah ayat mak berterabur tok nong.. Maafkan kmk nong..**

It’s happened a month ago, after he claimed that I don’t bother him by not went for a date like other couple, won’t call him, won’t message him every single minute\hour….and everything….bla bla bla..

Alasan ada jak koh.. Tang padah jak dirik tek ada pengganti..ptff

And in sudden, it cross in my mind..”hey stupid matured Doctor, don’t play with my heart is better let me go..
There`s someone better than you later I guess.. Hehh.. ARROGANT LAH DIRIK TEK..

Better to lose him now rather than I lose him after getting married..”…then, he decide, let me goooo…. Mintak djauh nak nama cerai berai ya dr keturunan mekorang..

Yes, it’s true, I will find someone better than you..someone who really care about me.. U too, I hope.. ptfff


Someone can go on date with him every day ..
Someone who can call him every hour..
Someone who can message him every minute..
If you can’t fulfill his love dream, then u’ll b dump like me.. Dang*


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