English was not my first language

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Assalammualaikum W.B.T

In the Name of ALLAH S.W.T, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful ..

I’m not here for the love of money

or bonded by gov law.. Err

Disclaimer 1: I’m not perfect in my English either… Mun Paham bisaa
Disclaimer 2: I’m not teaching you Manglish, I am just enlightening you about this “new language”.. Pahamm??

Keep calm and call an english Teacher

“Dudes and Chicks..”

Dah bunyi nunggah anak manok jak begiya..**ekeekeke

English was not my first language, but it is my favourite..  Growing up in a country (Sarawak, East Malaysia) where the intonations of every symbol were important to the meaning, I grasped the English language as a parched man might grasp fresh water..lol..

Manglish : YouBetaDonLar – mild warning, as in “You’d better not do that.” #Omo..

It came quite hard to me, too, so much so that I began mixing English into my home vocabulary of Sarawak Language. I might be forgiven.. Mintak-mintak gya lah..

The passion drives everything else. It’s the fuel, it’s like the gasoline for your engine, for everything.

And so, to learn English, for example, you need to develop a passion for English, exciting reasons to learn English. Not just take a test, taking a test, who gets excited about taking a test? Almost nobody. In fact, usually it’s the opposite, right? Most of us get stressed about taking a test. Most of us have fear about taking tests. And it’s the same in schools, not just English. All of education, in almost every country, kils passion. Most classrooms, high school, elementary school, middle school, university, they kill passion, they kill that energy in the student unfortunately. It probably happened to you, it certainly happened to me when I was growing up. It’s happened to 99.9% of the students I have taught. When they come to me their passion has been diminished, lessened or even almost killed.

– See more at: http://www.power-english.net/english-learning/passion-for-learning-english.html#sthash.E2FfMhoH.dpuf

Kenak kamek ngegeh / tuaija / kenjit / jegit nak belajar or kelakar English sedangkan Grammar berterabur, Vocab pun sekangkang kerak??

Oh my english

The reason is simple:-

  • Because my passion has always been people and the english language..
  • English tok Bahasa Perantara Dunia bah, mun kita pandey pegi ke Korea, Hong Kong, Paris kah Makkah kah xda kita embak orang kelakar Sarawak, Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Iban and Etc..
  • Sik kitak pegi ke Korea misalannya tek, arrive jak d Incheon(ICN) International Airport rah Immigration Desk ya alu confident kelakar “Kakak, tok passport kamek.. Kamek tek dari Malaysia. Dah berat ilak nok kemeh tok boleh sik laju kit kitak ngecheck.. Siney jamban rah airport tok ow?? yahh.. ” Ko rasa giney upa muka kakak ya? heheh
  • Mastering english will open doors of opportunity n your mind to this amazing world. Eventually if u work smart, it will free you and ur family from this cycle of poverty n pain.. Mena tok aihh..
Manglish : OsokenLar – “also can” – variant of KenOsoMeh; in other words, “Anything goes!”” or  “Fine by me!”.
If english is hard, u must work harder! We will learn together! Laziness means being stuck at this pathetic level today, tomorrow n 10years more!.. ptff
Ko rasa? Mun ada 40 igek paper kedak tok ko perlu check everyday?

Ko rasa? Mun ada 40 igek paper kedak tok ko perlu check everyday?

You say its impossible to learn another language at this age, but I myself took up English lessons at 24 years old ,Mandarin lessons at the age of 26 years old and Arabic only 2 weeks ago..
IT WAS SUCH A GREAT CHALLENGE but hey I survived why not U?.. Belom kakak mati pisan kejong ijo mbak belajar koh?
Susah boh dipadah lah..nang udah lumrah kita belajar benda baru koh neyda nya senang. Belajar makan dolok pun sik senang, nasik mala menampus..aihh..haha
Who said I dont understand how it feels? I KNOW HOW IT FEELS FIRST HAND because I too had to learn a language so FOREIGN to me!
Started from babywords , crawling n laughing at my own funny pronunciation n reading words so alien to my brain…
Very The Funny One.. Lol

Very The Funny One.. Lol

The difference was I was determined to master those languages not for grades because I felt I deserve to enrich myself with the culture of others, to embrace languages, to learn their culture and also my Dad were so dedicated n passionate about English language (he is an English Teacher) it made learning so much fun.. A teacher’s enthusiamsm n love for the language made  a lot of difference at how I myself grew to love their language n culture!!
Please remember, I’m here to help you not to fight you.
So help yourself, take the initiative! 
Don’t fail yourself, your dear family and your teachers.
Be more than this because I know u are all worth it!”
Pak Hang.. ekekeke

Pak Hang.. ekekeke

  I swear teaching is the hardest and most challenging job in the whole worldwide…
My Parents and most of my family was a Teacher so I know the situation very well.
Even u dear reader are able to READ THIS blog because of a Teacher.
Style kelaka nemiak nektok ari..

Style kelaka nemiak nektok ari..

It involves so many lives, it impacts so many souls, it changes so many lives.
Its such a heavy responsiblity!! oktedah!
Bila anak pandey madah ya didikan dari rumah yg molah anaknya pandey, bila anak mengap alu nok nganok Cikgu x pandey ngajar.
Nang gya lah attitude kita orang Malaysia tok koh..
Bukan nak nganok lah, tapi nang reality..
Funny Teacher

Funny Teacher..hikkk

*this post is gonna be unique. i’ll give you some Manglish as we go on just to enlighten you (yes, it’s stupid)* funny too
I guess I’m not gonna make a fool out of our own Malaysians, but generally I guess it would somehow insult some Malaysians and also in some ways, guess my stand on the use of English language in our everyday life.. Boh manas, kamek pon kelakar kedak tok juak bah.. Just take a browse through at the pictures below and see how ordinary and proper English has become Manglish-lah. hikk
Manglish..  Nang apalah..hihi

Nang apalah..hihi



Bahasa Rojak Ayam Kucei..Lol

Bahasa Rojak Ayam Kucei..Lol




And hey, the harm it is doing may seem invisible now, but very soon – it’d be!..

To Be Continue.. Lol !!


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