I have to move on..like seriously move on.. huh

I’ve gotten few job offers with good pay. Everytime we mention ‘salary’,
I’ll be thinking; “Pffft…I’m in’.
But few months has passed and I’m still here.
Because I know, I can never find awesome colleagues like I have now. The crazy jokes between us, the laughter over everything, the stress we share, the 10 minutes break we take almost every hour just to walk around, chill and buy snacks, the group chat we have to talk about the cute boys in the pantry, even though we have one dude in the group chat, but its all fine..haha
So when I think of leaving, my heart drops. Where can I find an office filled with people like these? Like a mother who cares about everything, a sister who bullies you, a sister who advises you, a brother to bully and a bestfriend to tease?err
I have to move on, eventually. I love where I am now, but I need more exposure. Heck, I need 10 years experience all squished into three years.
Where are you my Italian millionaire? Lol

My money’s been acting funny lately..
Now I don’t mean haha keh keh ihikk funny
No, I’m talking strange, weird, different type funny
This time money’s gone all out
Leaving me, showing up, then leaving as quickly as she came..huhh
Ignoring me. Treating me like a poor girl…
What’d I do boo?
All I ever did was love you
Maybe too much ‘cause now it’s like we ain’t cool no more
We used to be road dogs, inseparable
But lately my money’s been acting funny
And I haven’t seen money in months..haha

I got more than a hunch he’s playing me
Trying to make me jealous
Hanging out with other fellas
Always in some other brother’s pocket
I try and tell her man those other guys,
Those other guys are just using her
They just using you money!

He don’t wanna hear me
He doesn’t even return my phone calls
He doesn’t stop by the crib like she used to
He won’t go to movies with me
He won’t even go get nothing to eat
And you know a brother can’t eat without money

Don’t you know I miss you?
I want you. Okay I need you to survive
My life revolves around you
I can’t replace you money believe me I’ve tried.
There’s only so much bread and water I can take
Call me spoiled, but I remember the days
When people used to see us at the hottest clubs
Expensive restaurants, all the high priced stores
I made sure I looked good with money
I treated you right!

I never abused you.
Did I?
Did I abuse you money?
Did I get used to you hanging around
And now you’re giving me a taste to what it feels like to live without you?
People still think we’re tight
I mean they still ask about you
I don’t like them all in my business so I just reply,
“You know money and I aren’t as close as we used to be.”

My money’s been acting funny lately
I can’t even call out a name when I’m shootin’ ball
Oh, I saw him the other day in The Spring and The Hills..
He ain’t even acknowledge me
He looked at me like, “How you get in The Hills?”
Like I don’t belong
Ever since money hasn’t been around
I feel like I’m losing my other friends too
American Express, Visa, Master Card, Debit Card
Now they startin’ to act shady
I think he’s spreading lies on me
I tell you I don’t know what I did
But my money’s been acting real funny lately
And I don’t know him anymore
And my life ain’t the same
Never will be the same until money comes back into my life
So if you see him, or any of her cousins
‘Cause he got a whole bunch of family running around
Let him know that I miss him, that I love him
And I want him to come home


Currently I’ve been working for a couple of years after graduation and still I can’t consider buying a car in Malaysia because I knew that the taxation for cars is high in Malaysia.
Imagine if you buy a car now, after three years the car’s cash value will definitely drop significantly. So it’s best to buy property first, though we may die trying to accumulate that cash. Stinkin’ gov… sobss. Gaji se’sen ada hati meli property.. phuiii!


Someone please tell this to my stupid Facebook Friends and not to mention her equally stupid Mutual Friends who inbox me asking for my salary and stupid question last 2 weeks..

I don’t understand how she can spend RM135 000 for a car and yet live in a RM100 000 home.

If I am considered a “loser” for driving a 5 year old Kenari, then there’s no hope for mankind in Malaysia.

But i feel our gov would taking/ coming out another “shield” to protect local cars market…

Susah nak madah..

I suppose one’s materialistic needs surpasses one’s basic needs in life.



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