Welcome to the 21st Century.. I Phone and You Tube.. Lol

For this blog, I’ll be discussing the topic on social connectivity and Smartphone’s, along with whether this growing and evolving technology is indeed bringing people together, as the brands often claim – or whether the modern day mobile is actually making the people of society anti-social as opposed to connected… Torang decide lah kedirik..
Phones brands often use slogans such as ‘stay connected with your friends’, ‘staying in touch has never been so easy’,
‘get the most out of your social networks’, and so forth…Macam ajak cara sidaknya nak melaku barang koh..
The smartphones is making people anti-social?! Who say so? I wont be impressed on technology until I can download food. Lol
Mun kamek lah nak adik kakak, kamek choose to;
Stay home in the comfiest clothes (k baju longgar bapak), on the comfiest bed (tergeley2 koma di katil seharian) and watch Tv (KBS or HBO) OR go out with friends, I would pick the first choice..
Don’t get me wrong though, I still do go out with friends…
It’s just that I prefer staying home these days and chill.. Mungkin factor usia juak kali nak..Lol
Bhahaha.. Kakak admit! Kakak dah hampir to the 30’s but jiwa kakak masih teenager hokay..
I really enjoy it to follow the twitter discussions around Tv shows, they add a new dimension. It’s like watching Tv on a couch with your friend and discussing the things happening on Tv. And I’m not the only one, there’s even a dutch website specially for Tv tweets. How pathetic..bhahah. Gitok lah kakak on sunday after a busy travelling week.. Koma..haha
Or I tuned in my Apple Tv instead..
Apple TV gives you round-the-clock access to endless entertainment.
Thousands of HD movies and TV shows from iTunes — many in …
” I wish I have Tv in my bathroom..
Mun gitok lah rupa bathroom, kakak rasa x perlu bedroom kali nak..Lol
( Zaman google tok, xda soalan skema contohnya.. Giney nak ke rumah kau tek? Ku belok kerek lekak Balai Polis Gita ya then ku nok ke siney lagik lekak ya? X ferlu hokey.. Nowadays; Berik alamat ktk mek nak type in my GPS, will pick u up about 30 minutes..
Ya xpalah nak, sebabnya diguna untuk benda bagus bah..
The thing is nak.. Something I don’t really understand is….
(Situation) .. Ok gitok.., you ask a friend you have not seen in ages, out for coffee… To catch up on everything.. .
So you make plans, decide on the place, date and time..
Plan nang beriya lah tek, kalah plan belanjawan negara oleh plan mek orang ya.. 
Sampey sik ter reply dak wechat;whatsapp; nang hotline lah..line semua busy..
Then you head over to the coffee shop and kiak kaong,hug,kiss,blowjob(tok sekda lah..Gai juak mek org nak begiya..haha),cry…
BUT, the problem is, how many percent most of the time do you spend in that person’s presence without your phone interrupting you??  I have few friends who would stick to their phones dah kedak gam lekat rah tangannya  and I would sit there, spend an hour, talking to someone…whom I don’t think is listening in the first place..Then I would just take my phone out from my bag, and do whatever I want.. Sidak men tepon aku tek cangok2 gya ja..terkelip2 jak mata xtauk nak molah apa..Nakpa kah?? vevuaL ku koh..
Pahal ko ajak ku kuar tek? Nak ngeso hp ko yg rega 5K ya kah?
[ Gitok lah handphone nya tek, 24 karat hokey..Ko mampu kah?! ]
[ Bukanya sigek hp nya aih..duak tiga igek jak nok rega 3K ya dipakey nya ]
{ Tapi nok ku tedah tek nak..tapi tiap kali ada hal nak.. anta message nyuroh call ada benda nok dipadah..aihh, hp ajak mahal duhal..nisik ber credit pakey call..Sik ku medo koh }
Its a waste of time. In that three hours, I could be doing something more productive, like saving the world or something…
Or.. watch my cat playing his fav game..
See even back in the day cats used to chase real mice…
now technology has made them immobile because they can chase mouse all day on lap!~ Ipad’s screen is full of scratches…duhnakkk
( Awww… He thinks he’s a people like that..haha)
Smartphone’s are definitely a handy method of keeping posted on the social happenings and activities of friends and family…  However, smartphone’s are highly criticized on the ways in which many individuals use them, as the gadgets are claimed to evoke seriously antisocial behavior among its users..For some people ajak lah..
People have indirectly and unintentionally socially isolated themselves from their environment by directing their attention onto their mobile.
However, the smart phone is also a handy resort for those desperate moments when you’re literally stuck making small talk with someone you really don’t have the patience for…. Ada juak the good side bah..Mun sekda smartphone sik tauk lah giney ku survive study life ku dengan jayanya..All that thanks to the smartphones…haha. Now you know my secret, go eat some banana..haha
(Ko sik rasa phatetic kah mun ada org pakey apps tok k impress org yg nya tek busy dengan hp ringing every 5seconds..duhh)
( Tapi apps tok berguna mun Boss ko nak alah nak meruyan, merik kerja menimbun.. ko boleh lari dari nya dengan eksen2 ada call dr client or contractor dahya ko lari dari sia tanpa rasa bersalah..dah abis ya jangan ko pegi rah nya balit..But,..Lari ke site office..
Ko paham sik? haha)
Mobiles can also be used to make yourself look busy and unapproachable, and you can even download an app tilted ‘fake call me’, where you set up the timing of a fake call, so for example, in 5 seconds, 30 seconds or even a minute, to which you then receive the image on your screen of an incoming call that is either depicted as ‘blocked number’, or with the details of a made-up contact (which you have to enter) displayed on your phone.
( I prefer Strawberry.. Lol )
( My insta randomly got 50likes each post..I must be famous or something..Lol)
A potentially very handy application, however it is undeniably antisocial and designed with the sole purpose of socially cutting someone off.
When people start asking me out for coffee, dinner, lunch, party and whatnot, I would ask myself
Ok, she’ll be playing with her phone most of the time. Even after telling her boyfriend that she’s with me, he will still rudely text her as if they’ve not seen or talk for ages. And I will sit there….wasting my life away. Worth it?
Heck, when I’m out with friends, my boyfriend would leave me alone. Vice versa..
Smartphone’s nowadays quite often have social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter instantly built into the mobile, without the need for the user to even download the app…  Smartphone’s are rapidly becoming the hub for social media, as they allow users to stay connected to friends and family from around the globe…  But do smartphone’s really facilitate a ‘culture of availability’?  Or are they building more of an antisocial climate?
Its called; COMMON SENSE or in other words, RESPECT, or in other words, HUMAN F*CKING CONNECTION.
So if most of you have not seen me for the longest time, you know the reason why.
When I feel my phone is making me the leper of the group, I ease off it..  There are certain situations where you simply don’t cut yourself off from the outside world with your mobile, such as dates, business meetings and family gatherings.  People I feel need to work on a healthy balance, and this is something I have developed with experience…to be able to chat on my phone without pissing off the people in my presence.  Those with less social perception on their surroundings may not pick up on the signals that they are offending their surrounding peers with their mobile interaction.
Gone are the days when a set of strangers grouped together would converse – now they’re all on their smartphones.
Regardless of the criticism smartphone’s receive,
I think it’s a pretty obvious statement to make that users are to blame,
not the technology.
Lazy to dine out, swipe your card and there’s always Pizza, KFC and Mc Donalds you can call 24/7 to save you
from dying hungry..Omo
Funny technology advanced list
I’ve also stated my viewpoint, which is I personally feel that people need to balance out the interaction between face-to-face communication and smartphone usage, perhaps even cast aside the phone for particular social situations, especially if there is no dire need to get in contact with anyone outside the immediate present company.
I personally don’t believe the issue lies with the technology itself but within the ignorance of some people that use it.
The problem then sits with the individuals that choose to socially segregate themselves, not the general population.
Congratulations to those who got straight A’s in SPM and to those who didn’t, don’t worry bebeh..
You can do better in the future, ALLAH S.W.T will.. InsyaAllah..
I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. -“Albert Einstein”
Did Einstein really say this? ? Does it matter? Lol..
Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

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