Monopod, Wireless Bluetooth Shutter and Universal Clip Lens.


Assalammualaikum w.b.t





Just bought the Monopod, Wireless Bluetooth Shutter and Universal Clip Lens from Monopod Yuppies Networking..

Anything that caught my interest.. I bought and find it no matter what!! When I was a kid.. I was fascinated with Remodelled Toys Futuristic Car..pendek cerita kereta nok pasang siap reganya RM6.00 – RM15.00 camya jak zaman mensia .. When i visited my grandparents home( which is near the town in our province.) will never failed to force my parents bought them for me..hehe.. I also have Stuff toys..of animals such as rabbit frog,dog and bear.. during my puberty days, I started collecting disney and anime.. I used to have a lot of this box.. Now I’m crazy over gadget.. Lol

dashKereta Mainan Pasang Siap

I get my money’s worth… I don’t know about others but for rm130, I’m really glad with this purchase. If you’re expecting some high end quality lenses for a phone, then look somewhere else. By that, I don’t mean to devalue the capabilities of these lenses. These work very well with the iPhone 4S and now on my iPhone 5S , and the great thing about it is that it is a clip-on, so you can use it for majority of the smartphones out right now or even my laptop. I tried it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & HTC One X and seemed to work without any complications…  yibaaa yibaaa..happy feet.


The only problem that I can think of is that when I use it for the front facing camera, there are two circular bands of light that is located at the dead center of the frame so it kind of messes up the pictures. Would bump up the review to five stars if it weren’t for this problem. But I’m overall satisfied! Also the representatives (Monopod Yuppies Networking) that I’ve spoken and meet up to are friendly and do what they can to help you out with any questions… So that’s a plus too!. Beli people.. go and beli with Monopod Yuppie Networking on their Facebook page ( ). For Booking / Untuk tempahan, Call/SMS/Whatsapp 0128816002


Pakej 1 – ( Monopod Sahaja )


Pakej 2 – Universal Clip Lens


Pakej 3 – Bluetooth Remote Shutter


Pakej 4 – Monopod,Universal Clip Lens & Bluetooth Shutter ( 3 in 1 )

Berminat? PM untuk dapatkan harga istimewa from them..

For Booking / Untuk tempahan, Call/SMS/Whatsapp +6 0128816002

Absolutely love this! Bought it as a fun add on to my iPhone 4S accessories and the lens quality is fantastic! Would really recommend this product! Easy to attach and remove lovely little pouch to keep them in and carry them with!Yibaaaa..Nak alah yibaaa ko ya..haha


Photographs capture beautiful memories of the people and places I love, more importantly- the moments that made me smile. However, sometimes I want to take group/couple shots but couldn’t find anyone around OR I’m just to shy to ask for help. Say I’m brave up my courage to ask for help but the shot doesn’t meet my standard and I know how precious this moment is… Will bring this for a holiday in Sabah on 23rd April 2014.. yibaaaa..aihh! agik maokk..


Keep these moments alive by snapping a clear,precise image along with the background without having to strain my arms or trouble others!


 Take a cool and pretty photo with just your smart phone.

ImageThis is wireless Bluetooth shutter! With just 1 device, it is available for both iOS and android!

Now, how we gonna use this “shutter”? Disebabkan akak tok malas molah kerja d office time tok walaupun kerje menimbun so akak dengan nawaitu sauma ghhaddin akan merik penerangan koh nak.. Now, keep your focus on me.. 😉 with the wink and Adacadabra..


You just have to connect the Bluetooth between the shutter and your phone, then you can function it!

Why we need “shutter”?

Don’t you think that sometimes it is too far for your finger to reach the camera button on your phone? Mun jarik ko runcing lom tentu koh sampey sejauh monopod ya..
Don’t you think that sometimes the camera is not far enough to fit in all the pretties or handsomes? Like mine? bhahaha
Don’t you think that sometimes it is not far enough to capture your selfie together with the nice view behind you?
Don’t you think that sometimes your photo is blur when you clicking the camera button on your phone cause of hand shaking? kurangg gula juak kali badan sampey bergoyang2 shaking2 liking2 gia..aihh..melelat..

With this shutter, you can raise your camera far to the singapore and you are able to click the button to take a photo!
You don’t have to worry about the camera is shaking when you press the camera button because you are clicking on the shutter’s button but not your phone!

Other than this, when you are using a monopod to take photo, this shutter will really help a lot! A LOT….

Udah gik ku rasa nak..

Selamat ber’selfies u’olls..



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