Kitak okay?? Hmm yeap, im fine.. Sekda apa-apa. -Nothing-


Yahhh bertemu lagik kita koh nak… Siney jak tuju kitak kak?? Operate extension daguk kahhh. matilah kita…

K, baruk kakak boleh update, cat kuku kakak dah kerin. Errrk..!

Ola! first post in the New Year! Happy New Year!

Nothing.. Sekda apa-apa… Kamek okay.. I’m fine..

To say, I always get so upset for no reason would mean I am bending the truth. There’s always a reason to everything, to every emotion, to every thought, but sometimes, you just couldn’t arrange it into words that are comprehensible and clear-cut even to yourself, nor to anyone else, thus, the word ‘nothing’ simply is a universal abbreviation to all answers—for if you try to clarify, the words often come out in a distorted form, as though you were talking in another accented unfamiliar language.

Like when I see an old man in the supermarket, pushing the trolley that probably drained half of his energy, or eat at a restaurant, alone, I immediately get upset. But if anyone would have asked, I’d probably say nothing. Or if I see a man, possibly in his 40s or 50s, driving a truck or sweeping the street, I get upset. Or, if I see an old couple, cuddling by the street, with sincerity marked on their face, with conspicuous love hanging languidly in the air, I get upset too.

Then again, if people ask, the word ‘nothing’ is best to utter. But I think I know why I am upset at this moment. Like when I was in a meeting room yesterday and hour before the meeting, alone, I saw an old man that had looked exactly like my father, and I contemplated on hugging him but I fear,  I’d be charged for sexual harassment… Lols..

Or when I see a mother and a daughter, crossing the road, giggling to each other, or when I see a young boy, that’s possibly my sister’s age eating ice-cream by the street, hell, I get upset too I wanted to weep…

I suppose, I know the reason but if people ask, I’d probably say, nothing. Sekda apa-apa koh.. I’m fine.

Someone asked through “” : Hey, why this life is very hard Nurhusna ? Hmnn I try to changes my life and everything bout’ myself but everything turn more worst.. I keep trying to be confident and positive. Still the same. Become worse day by day. I want to cry. Help me.

My 2cents:

Life IS hard, babe.. That is what life is all about. It is full with trials and tests and all you could do is to stay strong and go through these hardships with a wide smile on your face. Life is temporary after all, isn’t it? If you are positive, i don’t think you would break down that easily.  Are you a Muslim? If you believe in ALLAH S.W.T, talk to him and he will ease all your heartache and all. I guess, that’s the best panacea to all misery. ALLAH SWT. I don’t know how to help you, there’s nothing special about me. I guess, it works on me. When i feel low, i talk to HIM and i know that HE listens and i know, whatever hardship i am in, it’s because HE’s trying to make me change, make me be a better person. I guess, when you tune your way of thinking into such way, there’s nothing to worry about, you see. I am sorry if i can’t help much.. Sorry babe. You can talk to me if you feel devastating about world, coz I do feel it too sometimes beb. We’re only human.

Ya ampunnn… kepada Abang Remy Ishak, (ehh tauk juak ku tek, antap salu nungak Abang Nara kohh), ko rasa ko paling kacak tanah melaya nun.?? Coba ko datang Sarawak gak. iboh lawan sapa, lawan Avang tukang isik minyak nya jak. melobo2 urg kedak bang antonio banderas. Rompuan nya iboh kata lagik, mun lagik muka Diana Danielle ya, Emma Maembong ? Neelofa ? heh, ala2 tahap makcik kantin jerr hoccay. Rompuan nya sitok ngeseppp.. dgn baju kulit rimo, killer heels, rambut volume 5 botol hairspray. maybe a lil tacky, tp meriah lahh. Hamaigad…  Nyawaku angol ku koh..

Someone asked through “” :  What can you say about those people who hate you(just incase) without reasons?

My 2cents:

I don’t know. I’d probably say, life is too short for you to be hating on others for no significant reason? There are so many good things you can do in life, but if hating is what you opt to do, then i am greatly deeply sorry for you.. Lols.

Someone asked through “” : What do you think why public toilets in Malaysia are not as clean as in Europe?

hmm..I think, it’s the mentality wise. Asians are very dissimilar compared to the Westerns (Not all though) and you can really tell by their attitudes towards something… Tauk ada yg moha complain rah nurhusna9116 lekak post tok publish.. Go to Ikea, and you’ll see these people messing up the table and just leave it like that. More, they had to hire people to clean it for you because of that. In Western countries, in America for example, go to McDonalds or Taco Bell or anywhere even, you’d see them cleaning their own tables and make sure the table is clean and clear from bullshits before they leave. Thus, they don’t have any slaves to clean the tables for you. I think they were trained since small or something whilst us, Malaysians couldn’t be bothered anyway… Ada ku kesah? Bukan rumah kita nak ow? Bukan ada org bayar kita ngemas? Bukan ada orang muji!.. Mentality people…mentality.. What i am trying to say is, Malaysians don’t care. To generalize would mean i am being unfair so i am saying, certain Malaysians.. Nasib lah kakak Sarawakians.. Motip? Bhahaha.. The bottom line is, they don’t care about the cleanliness of the toilet because all they care about is themselves. What doesn’t belong to them, is absolutely none of their concern. I raised my case. Err..

Someone asked through “” : Do you like history ?

Tok mesti nemiak skolah menengah nak?? heheh.. Yes i love history. I can listen to people telling stories about the ancient times all day, like the world war two and such, and i do enjoy watching the History Channel… History Channel is on my favorite tab.  I don’t know it’s very fascinating and intriguing, you see. But for some reason, i just hate Sejarah Malaysia… It’s so boring and distorted and it’s bullshit. Haihh, Jgn jak ada yg report kakak kat PM and sik pasal2 kakak dibuang negara? Jgnnn ehh…Nang jangann…erk.

Someone asked through “” : Hey Nurhusna. Can i have your iPhone 5 ? xD

Oh no, that is my husband!


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