Seorang yang bernama Nurul Husna Johari’es sedang moha.. San buyann..

When I do a work sincerely and people keep disturbing I tend to get very angry because I think a work can only be successful if done with sincerity and sheer hard work and obstructions will only hamper and produce hindrance for a desirable result. Annoying…
I don’t like when a man makes argue instead of admit his mistake, talks behind and also who tries to interfere ones personal matter. Such type of attitude make me angry. And also there are some people whose words are very discouraging. I keep myself away from them. San buyannnnnn.
I feel angry when I am in que and waiting for my turn to come but few people come in between and does not follow any discipline. Especially mayar cukai rah LHDN, Bank, ASB n sewaktu dgn nya.

I get angry when people break traffic signals cause it not only harms them but it puts others too in danger. Jalan simpang 3 n Jalan Ahmad Zaidi Adruce nang rami org x bhemah utak kedak khemah. Aihh, mamas kah aku?? Sik ku rasa, moha jak sikit. Fish!

I get angry when I did not commit any mistake and someone pinches me that I am responsible for that. Siyes ku berasap mun org molah ku kdak ya, sa ku nok nguar action keluang man. Pendek cita pak pandie , we are human beings so anger is a common point in each and every one of us. But we should not expose it in silly reasons. Aok aok..



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